Passback Football

Passback Football, Brand New Product Line!

Check out this brand new product! The Passback Football is a “half-football” used for training or just plain Fun!

Passback Football - Official

Passback Football - Official
Construction: Composite Leather
Age: 14+
Size: 9
Weight: 13 oz.
Skill: High School, Collegiate, Professional
Endorsed by professional and collegiate coaches and players for off season independent practice and skill development.

Why Passback?

1) The Passback is the only football you can throw and catch by yourself. No strings attached.
2) Great Fun or serious training.
3) Quarterbacks use the Passback to strengthen their throwing muscles and improve accuracy.
4) The Passback gives receivers more than 20 repititions per minute.

Exercise 1 - Pick a Spot

It is as easy as it sounds! Standing approximately 6-10 feet from any solid wall, focus your attention to a small spot or point about 6-8 feet from the ground. Practice hitting that spot repeatedly. This is the best way to learn accuracy and throwing efficiency. Count how many times you can hit the spot in ten throws.

Exercise 2 - Quick Release

When a receiver comes open, there is no time to spare. Facing the wall take a three step drop back remembering your footing techniques and then release the ball as quickly as possible.

Exercise 3 - Wide Receiver Warm-up

Stand a minimum of 5 yards from a solid wall. Throw and catch the Passback as many times as possible in one minute. You must catch it to count it!

Exercise 4 - Quick Reactions

Quick reactions are key to both offensive and defensive players. Stand approximately 5 yards facing the wall. Have a coach, another player or friend stand behind you and throw the ball over your head at the wall. React fast to retrieve the ball as it rebounds off the wall.

Exercise 5 - Long Snap Warm Up

Spirals are important to more than QB’s. Practice long snaps by standing 5-10 yards from a solid wall. Grip the ball with your dominate hand as if you were throwing a football and then place your other hand gently on the ball as a guide. Raise the Passback over your head and then snap the ball to the wall remembering to roll your wrists down as the ball leaves your fingers.

Passback Football Testimonials

Tennessee Titans Testimonial

"The Passback ball has been a nice addition to our training arsenal. Our QBs use the Passback to warm up their shoulders prior to practice and to keep their shoulders loose during our weight lifting sessions. Our WRs and DBs have been using the Passback balls to not only warm-up but as a training tool to improve their eye-hand coordination and reaction. The biggest obstacle in implementing the Passback training with our skilled athletes is getting them back from the linemen who love to play with them."

Coach Steven J. Watterson, Asst. Head Coach
Strength and Rehabilitation Coordinator
Tennessee Titans Football Club

Ole Miss Testimonial

"Ole Miss produced three All Americans in 2009 in part through training with the Passback Football. The Passback is an amazing training tool which makes my job easy. No more excuses from our athletes. I highly recommend the Passback to all coaches and players."

Coach Ronald Dickerson, Jr., Wide Receivers Coach
Ole Miss

Long Snap Camp Testimonial

"Running a football camp for long snappers, the V-School Long Snap Camp, we were amazed at the versatility and ease of use in developing the long snapping skill set at any age level. The Passback football is perfect for the long snapper who needs to warm-up, work on hand placement, release, speed, accuracy and more! Besides the enhanced skill development it provides each athlete, it gives our coaches:
. The time and ability to give more individual attention
. A unique and fun way to coach
. Quicker learning curve producing faster results"

Coach Peter Vacho, V-School Long Snap Camp

A Testimonial from us Kids!

This football is really FUN! We play with it on our Goalrilla All-Season Sports Trainer, on our brick wall, and just about everywhere. Don't tell mom but I even play with it on my bedroom wall. It's a blast! You should get one too!

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