Wave Slide 8'

Wave Slide 8' - It’s the original thrill ride. Attaches to a shorter 4' deck height. $165

Wave Slide 10'

Wave Slide 10' - It’s the original thrill ride. Attaches to a standard 5' deck height. $195

Alpine Slide 11'

Alpine Slide 11' - This Woodplay exclusive is a two-in-one slide. It’s a fast, fun downhill thrill. And, it has special climbing hand-holds going UP the side on both sides, just right for young hands, and perfect for those little ones that must CLIMB UP the slide, in addition to going down the slide. Attaches to a 5' to 6' deck height. $320


The Super Slide is a Double-Wall Molded Safety slide. Woodplay's Superslide is very thick and strong. The sides of the slide are taller. Mom's with young ones like this a lot!
- 10' Superslide attaches to a 5' deck height. $585
- 12' Superslide attaches to a 6' deck height. $730
- 14' Superslide attaches to a 7' deck height. $882

Super-Wave 12'

This Super-Wave Slide combines the best part of Woodplay's traditional Wave Slide and the Double-Wall Molded Super Slide! Attaches to a 6' deck height. $788

Tube Slide - Spacesaver

Tube Slide Spacesaver - It’s fully-enclosed, sliding fun. It’s adjustable to different deck heights. With a 90-degree turn, it’s especially great for Smaller Yards and Spacesaver Playsets. Attaches to a 5', 6', or 7' deck height. Whee!

Hurricane Slide

It's a fully-enclosed thrill ride. It takes kids down the slide up to a full 360 degrees. Add it to a variety of deck heights or the SkyBox that sits on top of the Monkeybars! Weeee!!

Triple Tammy Whammy

Oh my goodness! The Triple Tammy Whammy! Gotta have it!

Add a second Slide to your Playset?

Have you considered adding a second slide onto your playset? They come in 10', 12' or 14' length. The children love this so they can RACE to see who goes faster! Starting at only $165

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