Springfree Reviews

Gift from Grandparents

Thanks for such a quality product. My 5 year old love's her springfree trampoline! And her grandparents birthday gift!
Mrs. Sachdeva

Absolutely Fabulous

Some family friends had this brand of trampoline (and the dad is a doctor...! ) so although it was considerably more expensive than something we could buy at Walmart... we went ahead and made the investment! Endless hours of fun and exercise!! I have 2 teenage boys who just love it. MOM (me) has even spent time jumping! I also feel at ease knowing that it is safe. We just ordered the basketball hoop thing that attaches...! Anyway, 5 Stars from Evanston IL. Thank you for making a great product!
Susie M., IL


We just bought an 11' x 11' Springfree Trampoline for our children for Christmas and Woodplay's installation dept and SANTA and his Elves are installing it on Christmas Eve! We are sooooo excited!! We did tons of research, this is the only way to go. Thank you Woodplay of Tampa!

Undisclosed location in Tampa, FL

Sleepover at my house!

Not only do they LOVE jumping on their totally awesome Springfree Trampoline, but they love to have sleepovers too! It's so much fun! We love it.

S. Weston, St. Petersburg, FL

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